1. Anonymous asked: the only things i've learned in lynn are from you. thank you.

    You’re welcome! :)


  2. hmu if you ever need a mnemonic device

    if you ever need a mnemonic device or some other stupid way to remember something for ap bio/anything list i am here for you comrade just hit up my ask box and i’ll make you one (for any subject listed in my “about blog” page) 

    keep in mind that my ap bio teacher skips around in the book so i might not know some bio topics as well but i’ll do my best

  3. types of coloration

  4. Hastily drawn pictures of zonation in aquatic biomes. And some other marine biomes too. 

    and yeah i guess that’s a wailord. 

  5. Life history, a section of population ecology.


  6. hazrific asked: what are you using to write your notes that way? lol I'm taking ap bio right now

    I’m using a drawing tablet on Photoshop. I have the Vistablet Penpad. It was super cheap when I got it ($30!) and it’s mostly reliable, but occasionally lags. Most of the time I write my notes by first taking notes from the book and maybe making some sketches on paper, then write them on the computer.

  7. Here’s three scientists that contributed to the field of understanding animal behavior and what they did. Just a few examples.

    Really sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately :T I’ve been pretty busy with school and other things…sorry D:


  8. Anonymous asked: Your blog really helps! My bio test is coming up && I'm taking notes rom your blog😋😋

    Yay! That’s good to hear :D Good luck on your test! 

  9. The Brain and the Nervous system

  10. Today I checked my follower count and apparently I broke 100 without me even knowing, haha. Anyways, thanks to all of you for checking out my blog! :D There will definitely be more to come. Whether you are, like me, struggling in AP Bio, or just enjoy seeing my sketches on your dash, I’m happy that we can all bond over some crappily drawn pictures. I’m going to go make myself some tea now. And study for my test tomorrow. welp.  Remember, if you or your loved ones are failing AP bio, be sure to send them my way. [shameless self promotion]