1. Good luck to everyone taking AP Bio tomorrow!

    go to sleep guys

  2. here as promised! if you want one you have 37 minutes left because i’m not taking any more requests after 9


  3. Anonymous said: could you do a mnemonic for cellular respiration processes?

    Here is a mnemonic device that will help you remember the order of processes of cellular respiration, as well as some things to remember about each.

    I hope it’s somewhat helpful! And as always there are many videos that can explain each process in detail if you need (but ain’t nobody got time fo dat).


  4. Anonymous said: can you help me remember mitosis & meiosis ?

    Okay, so I’m assuming you know the basic processes of both. If not, here are some videos that will explain it to you very clearly or if you need

    Crash Course (mitosis)

    Crash Course (meiosis)

    Bozeman Science (both meiosis and mitosis)

    Also, here’s a small list of things to remember about both.

    I wasn’t really sure if you wanted to know the difference between mitosis and meiosis or if you just needed to remember the processes since your question was kind of vague, so I wasn’t really to make a really detailed explanation. This is just a really simplified list. The videos should explain things really well.

    Hope that helps!


  5. for last minute studying

    Taking any requests to explain any last minute AP bio concepts before Monday. Deadline for any last minute stuff is going to be Sunday 9 PM for AP Bio. Just submit in my ask box and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can! :)

  6. Hormones of the anterior pituitary gland. 

    If you want a mnemonic device to help you remember something else shoot me an ask and I’ll try to make one for you! 


  7. Anonymous said: the only things i've learned in lynn are from you. thank you.

    You’re welcome! :)


  8. hmu if you ever need a mnemonic device

    if you ever need a mnemonic device or some other stupid way to remember something for ap bio/anything list i am here for you comrade just hit up my ask box and i’ll make you one (for any subject listed in my “about blog” page) 

    keep in mind that my ap bio teacher skips around in the book so i might not know some bio topics as well but i’ll do my best

  9. types of coloration

  10. Hastily drawn pictures of zonation in aquatic biomes. And some other marine biomes too. 

    and yeah i guess that’s a wailord.